Product Designer & User Experience Advocate

Hi, I’m Amanda.

When I’m not admiring the complexity of how something works, I’m engrossed in considering how that something is used and if it could be optimized. Too often do I find myself wondering how I could reorganize my pantry for the tenth time, but I love the process. In the words of Marie Kondo, it sparks joy.

This mindset is not only suited to my work but has shaped my life including the things I do for fun. I take pride in my collection of introvert hobbies including watching murder mysteries, drawing, and puzzling all night long. 

Designing experiences with people in mind.

I’ve had some great opportunities to work with brands that seek to improve their online experiences.

Featured Case Study

Booking management dashboard.

Imagine an Airbnb but for businesses that operate crews out in the field. There’s a lot to consider for all the different users that take part in a system so complex. I had the privilege to take lead in the development of the authenticated dashboard experience.